About Us

We know enamelware at its best

It’s not just dinnerware for camping and picnics, as you might think. Of course, it does go great with forests and mountains, rivers and campfires.

But above all, it’s a perfect choice for everyday life.

First of all, enamel is sturdy and durable. If you drop it, it may chip, but it won’t break. Small chips even add more charm. You can use it for years and years—it will stay by your side as long as you want it.

Second, it’s much more practical than ordinary dinnerware. It’s suitable for ovens and all kinds of stovetops. You can warm up your coffee right in your enamel mug, cook an egg in an enamel jug or bake an omelet in an enamel deep plate. Ceramics and glass can’t do that!

Third, it actually goes way beyond dinner. Your rich imagination and great taste will help you find completely new uses for your enamelware items. For example, you can decorate bunches of flowers with enamel utensil pots, store toothbrushes in enamel tumblers, mix paints in enamel bake pans and plant succulents in enamel mugs. That is how you experience its incredible versatility.

Fourth, it’s a step towards sustainable living and conscious consumption. As it’s very multifunctional and can last a lifetime, a few enamel things can serve you as long as dozens of regular ones.

Last, but of course not least, it fits all kinds of interiors and atmospheres. Whatever you choose as your comfort zone — a huge countryside house surrounded by green yards, a modern city apartment filled with contemporary features, a boho style home with lots of unique design details or a minimalistic studio on a top floor of a skyscraper, enamelware will find its place.

And yes, it will follow you in all your adventures, wherever they take you, to a wild beach or a national park campsite.

We are happy to help you start your own enamel love story!