• Set of Plates — White with Black Rim

Set of Plates — White with Black Rim

A set of 4 enamel plates, which are light, unbreakable, and suitable for serving all kinds of food. Perfect for home parties, picnics, or camping trips.

  • Non-obvious use: you can warm up or even cook your food right in the plate, as it is suitable for stovetop use.
  • Due to its handcrafted nature, each plate is unique.
  • Made of glass fused onto heavy-gauge steel.
  • Oven-safe up to 530°F / 270°C.
  • This set is a premium edition, you can tell by the Falcon logo on the bottom of each plate.
  • The set is packed in a branded kraft box.

Contains 4 plates 9½" dia. (24 cm)


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  • Dishwasher safe Dishwasher
  • Oven safe Oven
  • Stove safe Stove
  • Microwave unsafe Microwave